What is SEO & how does it helps in Website Rankings?

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO is the process of enhancing your site to boost its visibility when people search for any kind of products or services related to your business in Google or any other search engine which tends to use bots and crawl pages on the web and put them in an index. It’s how search bots evaluate a website or web page. Our SEO success factors can be considered representatives of user experience. To get higher organic search rankings you can’t pay search engines unlike paid search ads and that’s where we come in as an SEO expert Company where we have to put in the work`.


Now Let’s Discuss in Detail how we Optimize a particular Website for Search Engines:


Understand the Business

Every Business has a unique and traditional ethos, theme, and system of values that resonate across all its products, employees, and presence. SEO is definitely a process that is aimed to enhance the Digital Presence of a company and thus understanding the business and its target audience is of the utmost importance for effective SEO to be done.


Keyword and Competition Analysis

Keywords are terms that are used on search engines to search out or perform queries. A typical business has some related keywords via which it aims to be targeted. These keywords are where your business website must appear in order to tap customers/clients. We have extensive tools and an expert team that gives you the perfect keyword prescription wherein your site MUST rank! We also do competition analysis. We list out your competitors and how they are performing digitally and thereby this adds to the strategy that you need to conquer your keywords and finish in the first place, or first page (at the least)!


Implementing “Content is the King”

The Internet is driven by content, no web page in the ecosystem of the world wide web has ranked except having great content that engages, educates, and navigates your audience in the proper direction.
Content is to SEO what knowledge and power are to a Democracy.
Content is the King.
NullStack has a team of experienced content writers who read more than they write and they can tell a story digitally so accurately, even the founders might get content-gasms!


On-Page and Technical Optimization

On-Page SEO Involves getting things right on your website. Majorly, it is putting the right content throughout the page, marinated with information, and being as precise as possible.
Internal Site Linking, Perfect Meta content, and A Juicy Title and Body will make your content gold for search engines!
It also involves adding correct Meta information, Sitemaps, robots.txt, and Structured Data which enrich the preview of your presence on Search Engines and make it the perfect candidate to increase CTR(Click Through rates). 

TLDR: On-Page SEO is optimizing the content on your webpage.


Off-Page Optimization

Off Page, SEO is getting things right outside your website. Sometimes they are also called good backlinking or Link Building. This practice involves getting good link signals from popular websites spanning news, education, or niche specific. Nullstack has got great expertise in finding and getting the right backlink ratio from websites with high DA, authority, and traffic. These websites range from bookmarking, citations, blogs, listing, etc where your businesses must be present.
Studies show that maintaining a healthy backlink ratio is great for your website and Off Page contributes almost 30% to your overall SEO performance.


Local Listing Optimization/SEO for Google Business Listing

Google MY Business is a Local Listing done by local businesses for free. It lists out the products and services and takes reviews from customers of the business. Local SEO is a technique via which a business listing is optimized to appear locally in the designated keywords. Local Listings are great SEO signals and help increase brand awareness in a particular location. Being one of the best Google Local Listing Optimization agencies in India, NullStack can get your Local SEO strategy done right.


Structured Data (JSON-LD) and related Optimization

Structured Data are a recent addition to the Search Engine goodies of a Search Engine that involves adding metadata of a website like a breadcrumb, service, offers, and business details in the form of JSON/XML which makes it equipped to pass important information in shorthand which can be easily used by Search Engines.
Every Page has a different format of Structured Data and requires expert guidance on what JSON LD you would need on a page.


Improved Lighthouse and UI/UX Scores

Every Web Page is used by users, so the User Interface and User Experience are important for a site to be navigated and used by the users. Lighthouse is a tool by Google that computes scores of a website by measuring its LCP, FCP, Page Load Speed, Contrast, and other parameters.
When we optimize the on-page of a website, we try to get higher scores in Lighthouse/Page Speed Insights Reports.


Remove Negative Signals and Penalties

There are certain things all across the web for your business that can negatively impact your digital presence. It can range from broken links, non-canonical links, negative reviews, spammed content, hacked content, wrong information, bad backlinks, and many other things. We try to get your reputation effectively managed throughout the internet and make sure you do not pay a penalty whilst doing your SEO!



In the end, we hope the above description on SEO can help you understand how it increases your business's monthly website ranking, traffic, and conversions or it may provide you with a summary of an SEO ranking factor.
Many business entrepreneurs want to increase conversions and are trying to create an online existence or brand awareness in a competitive market at present, so one has to be very distinct about their SEO activities that rank your website on the search engine.
If you’re unfamiliar with how to generate SEO leads or create brand recognition but are interested in online lead generation, consider outsourcing your digital marketing to an experienced SEO result-oriented company in kolkata. Contact Nullstack's Technologies and find out what we can do for your business website traffic and sales.


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