Are you ambitious? Can you balance technicality with creativity? Do you make the pursuit of perfection a habit? Do you want to work for a top digital agency with offices in  Kolkata?

At NullStacks we care about the avant-garde. We care about innovation, and innovation never sits still. In order for us to uphold this principal, we are always looking for new talent, and new ideas. If you consider an ocean; the large body of water is the competition – we like to think of ourselves as the waves. Innovation is about the knowledge of how things are, and the inspiration for how things could be. This requires a rare balance of technical and creative, the ability to perform inside and outside the box. At NullStacks we value your imagination.

Our team are made up of passionate designers who love what they do. Not only is our team skilled and highly qualified, we also promote a warm, friendly atmosphere. We believe that work doesn’t have to be work when you enjoy it. That being said, web development is strict on deadlines, timescales and performance. We like fresh faces, but we prefer fresh ideas.

If you think you are capable of joining our ranks, then we’d love to hear from you!

Know Your Stuff

Do you know your stuff? At NullStacks we are interested in the brightest and the best.


We don’t want sheep to join the flock, we want shepherds. Depending on the workload, projects can take a lot of your initiative, so you need to be comfortable making powerful decisions.


Our work requires a lot of creativity, it doesn’t matter if you know everything, creativity is beyond intellect.


Working in the digital world is fast paced. Innovation is the ability to not only understand the flow of fashion, but to be one step ahead.


Are you funny, warm and up for a laugh? A friendly atmosphere increases productivity, and helps us enjoy work, so that we always perform to our best.


At NullStacks we work as a unit. It’s important that you are able to balance individual drive, with communal focus. We think as one.

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