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We are the Leading Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata


Whether someone wants to buy, sell, learn or explore, they will go online. It has now become absolutely necessary for companies to start their digital journey. We are here to help you through the journey. We at Nullstack Technologies are recognized as one of the best digital marketing companies in Kolkata. Our vision is to help its clients reach the pinnacle of success by adopting unique and innovative solutions and strategies for their businesses. We have an enthusiastic team of marketers, SEO experts, and content creators. Our mission is simple: expand traffic and customer engagement to provide your business with higher visibility, profitability and growth.


In this age of the internet all of the actions we take are directly or indirectly affected by the content we consume online. The average global population using the Internet is 4.66 billion, accounting for almost 60% of the world's population. This widespread use of the Internet has paved the way for various digital marketing platforms to flourish in the best possible way. Nullstack Technologies is a leading Digital Marketing agency in Kolkata, delivering maximum ROI to all our client brands, by offering best in the industry SEO, SEM , SSM, and content creation services.



Digital Marketing Services Provided By Us:





Search Engine Optimization 

Our top SEO experts help clients get visibility and higher ranking to increase website traffic by using correct keywords and optimizing websites to be compatible across devices. We target organic traffic rather than paid traffic.  


Social Media Marketing

We provide business with all rounder Search Engine Marketing Services, from identifying and bidding for keywords to selecting the most suited Ad formats for your campaign. 


PPC Marketing

We run paid search campaigns that are customized to the needs of your business, we ensure to get the highest return on investment by choosing the right ad formats that are aligned with the target group. 


Content Marketing

Through our Content Marketing services we curate appealing and engaging content for our clients business, that represents and communicates the personality of the business. It is important to retain the attention of the target group through high quality content in the highly saturated market. 


Email Marketing 

We have a very targeted email marketing plan in place where we run newsletters and email campaigns through sources that are bound to give the business highest clicks and conversions. 


Google Map Optimization

We create Local Listing profiles for businesses and optimize it by using category relevant keywords, locally focused content and accurate information, to make the listing to appear higher in google maps and thus direct traffic towards business. 


App Store Optimization

Through App Store Optimization, we strive to bring visibility to your app and make the app rank higher in the store’s search page, to increase traffic and downloads. 


Reputation Management

Our service is aimed to investigate the potential threat to the integrity of the brand and handle negative reviews about your products or services in an ethical way to ensure customers’ confidence in your business. 


How We Create Your Digital Story:


Understanding Your Business

The first step in creating a Digital story for Businesses is to understand the core of the business and the industry within which it falls. A thorough understanding is required to find the strengths and weaknesses of the business. After which the business goals and in-line the strategies are created. 


Preparing Report for What types of Digital Marketing Services is required for you 

After gaining a deep understanding of the goals of your business, a detailed report of what types of services will be most beneficial for the business is prepared. Keeping in mind the target consumer group and their behaviour, the service with highest ROI is recommended. 


Competitor Analysis

We analyze the competitors of your business with the help of our digital marketing tools to understand their digital strategy, the strengths and weaknesses in their online marketing plan to find gaps in their offerings to identify new windows of opportunity for your business. 


Building layout for Digital Marketing Campaigns

We start by creating layouts for upcoming campaigns on various channels and curate calendars with key metrics of the campaigns, such as posting dates, result evaluation dates etc.  We choose the most popular and searched keywords interference with time where the popularity rises and also build backup endorsement and events. 


Implementing Digital Plans

After getting approval from our clients on the proposed plan of action and campaign layout, we initiate the campaigns, optimization and other processes . We keep track of the campaign to collect data and analyse the performance of the campaign for any future changes and optimization. 


Monthly Reports

We continuously update our clients by sharing monthly reports on how and what campaigns are being run for their business. Through a detailed report sharing key metrics of the campaigns. 


Feedback Mechanism From Clients

After sharing the reports and follow ups on the campaigns we ask for feedback from the clients, this keeps both the parties notified if there are any changes to be made. Feedbacks help us in giving better services and optimum results. 

Why is Nullstack the Best Choice for Digital Marketing Services in Kolkata?

Nullstack Technologies is recognized to be one of the best Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata. We offer our clients with top class services, especially curate our services and custom strategies keeping in mind the different requirements of our client’s business, develop laser sharp campaigns that are sure to reach the target audience. 


Transparency in Work

We follow a 100% transparency policy with our clients, we make sure to share the key details of every step that we take while working for a client. Every aspect of the projects from timeline, funds to campaign ROI is available for the clients viewing. 


Proactive Team

Our team is young and very enthusiastic, with a goal oriented approach we strive to achieve all the business objectives of our clients. We keep track of the changing consumer trends to make your business hold the consumer’s attention. We work efficiently to make you the best among all the other competitors. 

Our Team is our best asset! With the best creative and Hardworking people in the industry working for us, we are confident in taking projects no matter how challenging they seem. Our team is very dynamic with experts in Tech Support and creative solutions, we are here to support every aspect of your business


Affordable Packages

We offer you with the most fair and affordable services, in the form of promising and pocket friendly packages. The quality of our services is one of the best in the industry but our prices are decided keeping in mind the budget of our clients. With no hidden overhead charges, you will only pay for the services you use. 


Flexible Work Hours

Marketing is a very dynamic industry and it can change overnight, that is why we follow a practical and flexible approach to handle the projects of our clients. We keep a thorough eye on the campaigns and are equipped to make any changes in order to bring you the best results. 


Distinguished Clientele

Our biggest achievement is the exceptional quality of our services, resulting in our extended Clientele. So far we have worked with 100+ Clients across different industries such as Healthcare, Gyms, Educational Institutions, Hospitality Industry, FMCG Industry, Ecommerce, Independent  Bloggers and other Businesses like Manufacturer & Exporters and many more businesses. Our vibrant portfolio is a testimony of our servicemen-ship and work ethics. 




Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Marketing is the type of Advertisement and promotion that is delivered through online digital channels such as search engines, social media, websites, email and mobile apps. Using analytics and data mining campaigns are designed and implemented.
Digital Marketing companies offer a plethora of services, starting from analyzing your business to set goals, make strategies to fulfill those goals, to curating content and media for your online presence and lastly accessing key metrics from the conducted campaign.
Digital Marketing Agencies play the primary role of creating and maintaining solid online presence for their client’s businesses, they make strategies to increase online visibility for the business, perform market research and work towards achieving other business goals such as lead conversion.
Every Business no matter how big or small needs Digital Marketing Services, As that is where the consumer's attention and interest lies. According to Google marketing insights, 48% of consumers put up their inquiry on search engines, whereas others look up brand websites or search through mobile applications, this shows that having a presence on Digital channels is imperative to Businesses.
The first step to getting the best Digital Marketing route for your brand is to choose the right Marketing Agency for your brand. Nullstack Technologies is the best marketing company in Kolkata and provides you with the best in class services.
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