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Reach All Your Business Goals With Our Topnotch PPC Services, Recognised as India's Best!


NullStack Technologies is recognised as one of the best PPC service providers in india, We have a phenomenal team of experts that create, monitor and manage PPC campaigns for our client’s business. Our strategy is to get maximum rate of return on investment, by generating maximum paid traffic that has the potential to convert by making laser sharp campaigns that are sure to reach the target group whether it be local or worldwide. We advertise your business right where it’s needed, let us help you to achieve all your business goals. We create precise campaigns that communicate efficiently with the audience,  using accurate keywords and formats, we put your Ads on widely used search engines and media platforms to generate traffic.


Why Your Business Needs PPC Services?


Pay Per Click is an outstanding marketing tool that gives instant results and drives relevant traffic that has the potential to convert! It puts your business right in front of people who are looking for it, making it easy to identify and conquer quick win opportunities. Pay Per Click or PPC is an online marketing strategy used to generate instant leads for business in the form of clicks and visibility. Using this tool we make your business appear at the top of Google search when a customer puts a query related to the service or goods provided by your business. The link to your website appears at the top of search pages.


Our Approach


At NullStack Technologies - Best PPC Company in India, we give you the complete Pay Per Click Marketing experience. Our Services extends from creating Google Adwords to Bing Adcenter and paid ads on Social platforms like Facebook and Linkedin. Our PPC experts design campaigns after running proper research, with prospective goal understanding and well planned strategic implementation. To get the most out of the service in terms of sales and business leads and turn business goals into achievements. 


PPC Marketing Services Provided By Us:

Search Campaigns:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or PPC services is an effective way to attract people who are looking for your services. By putting your Ad in the first few results of Google search, one can overtake the attention of the consumer, it is the smartest way to appear in search results and increases your chances of generating quality leads for your business. When visitors search for specific keywords, your ads will appear and you will convert traffic into customers.


Display Campaigns :

Display advertising is one that quickly generates traffic to your website by providing a contextual value to visitors in the form of attractive images. Screen Ads bring a much broader platform to show your advertisement to a larger audience as Display Ads are easier to perceive. We at Nullstack technologies, have expert marketiers that create  convincing and attractive visual ads with a conversion hook that make the audience engage and click.


Remarketing and Targeting :

Remarketing and Retargeting are two powerful strategies in the marketing business. Remarketing is the use of interactive methods (e.g. email, social media platforms) to re-engage customers of your business. use products or services. On the other hand, Retargeting is based on visitors’ behavior on your website, you can ; to market to the right audience for your business.  At Nullstack Technologies, we have mastered these marketing techniques to provide results-oriented performance for your brand.


Google Shopping Campaigns :

Google Shopping is a powerful way to sell products through the Google network. These ads allow you to convert Google Merchant Center products into quick buy ads for the products you want to advertise. From creating product lists to optimizing marketing activities and generating potential customer reports, we provide our clients with all the assistance and aids they need and develop product list ads. If you run an e-commerce store or have a plan to launch a brand, these PLA ads are the perfect solution for targeting your customers. 


Video Campaigns: 

Video campaigns are the most engaging type of Ads, as most of the consumers prefer Visual Ads to textual Ads. Google offers Video campaign services by broadcasting Ad videos on YouTube, websites and apps running on Google video partners.Through this one can reach a wider audience by targeting topics, keywords, demographics, and more. At Nullstack Technologies, we ensure that your word reaches the right audience and keep track of view and other actions such as website visits or conversions that take place. 


Our PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing Strategy: 


Competitor Research

In order to create a successful PPC campaign, we at Nullstack start by analysing the competitors, the marketing strategies adopted by them and their performance. After that we develop a campaign that is sure to perform better. 


In-depth Keyword Research 

Keywords are the backbone of PPC campaigns, we have a systematic way of selecting keywords, apart from that we follow the changing keyword trends, insight into new keyword prospects and keyword mapping. We select the keywords after doing an in depth market research with full industry awareness. 


Ad Content Creation (images/text/video)

Content is the most important aspect while designing an PPC campaign, as it is the content in your ad that people are gonna see and decide if the offer one is making is worth their time or not. At Nullstack Technologies, we believe in creating engaging content that is sure to make the person browsing curious enough to click, we use attention catching ad formats like images, videos and professionally appealing tone to pitch our client’s offer. 


Audience Research & Creation

In order to create a PPC campaign that would actually interest the consumer base of our client, we do in-depth audience research to understand the likes and preferences of the consumer. We also do industry research to understand the major and minor trends in the industry. The findings of which are implemented in the content we create, to make sure it up to the industry’s standard and would hold the consumer’s interest. 


Campaign Management

It is extremely important to manage and track campaigns to ensure that the campaigns are generating the right type of traffic. At Nullstack Technologies, we do that by splitting Ad groups to ensure improvement in click-through rate. We also reconsider the keywords used and remove underperforming or negative keywords. 


Landing Page Optimization

The Landing Page of your business will be the first impression on your customers mind, in order to lure the customer initiate their journey from the ‘click’ to performing actions related to realising the business goals. We optimize your Landing page for it to be as user friendly yet attractive as possible, making it easy for customers to interact. 


Budget Optimization

We plan and deliver the entire campaign in such a way, to offer the lowest CPC. With us you will always have a positive ROI as through our right targeting, your business is sure to generate and convert business leads. We calculate the projected return on the campaign so that you and our clients can be assured of how much and for what they are putting their money in.  



CREATIVE SOLUTIONS - Curate Your Perfect Brand Image


We are a certified Google Partner and one of the best Digital Marketing agencies in India. In our team we have certified Google Adwords professionals who are experts in creating revenue driving Advertisements. From Startups to MNCs we have helped multiple companies to achieve their targets through our precise PPC campaigns. Come start your journey to success with us, Right away! 


Why Choose NullStack For PPC Marketing Services?


 Driving relevant traffic that has the potential to convert by using targeted keywords. 

 Helps in identifying  quick-win opportunities by putting your business before people looking for similar services. 

 Target ads to profitable geographic location, Season or other factors that are important to your business. 

 Creates Brand Awareness and High Brand Recognition by putting your business on industry related keywords searches. 

 High return on Investment, low cost clicks that generate impressive sales. 


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